Pilates and Alexander: The Men, Their Discoveries, and Their Legacies


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Below you will find links to articles about Pilates and Alexander. More are coming soon.

Alexander Technique and the Pilates Method of Movement Re-education: A Biomechanical Perspective by John Macy, PT

Teaching a Pilates Mat Class with the Alexander Technique by Diane Young (originally published in AmSAT News)

A series of nine articles by Robert Rickover:

The Alexander Technique and Pilates Exercises - The Similarities and the Differences by Fran Robinson

Alexander Technique and the Pilates Medthod of Movement Re-education: Scoliosis and Healing by Wallis M. Mason

Beyond the Ab Crunch - Pilates and the Alexander Technique by Jane Staggs

Why the Alexander Technique? by Carrie Wood

Continuing Ed: The Alexander Technique - Article about Pilates and Alexander at Pilates-Pro.com

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